Wednesday, May 1, 2013

30x30 Remix Challenge : Day 18

What I'm Wearing:
4) Red peasant tee- LOFT Outlet (worn under the crochet top)
7) Orange crochet top- LOFT Outlet
10) Chambray shirt- LOFT Outlet
18) Knit denim skirt- made by me
29) Wedge sandals- Famous Footwear
LOFT Outlet necklace (Yup, it's my favorite, it goes with everything!) and sunglasses

I'm thankful for days off so that I can wear stuff like this. Although I like to dress up for some events and non-events... like work, I'm completely at home in something slouchy (some would say sloppy...) and uber-casual. I feel free to do whatever I want all day- even if it's stay at home and sew or party plan or read the afternoon away.