Sunday, February 22, 2015


Spontaneity is the opposite of procrastination. It's getting a hit of inspiration and, instead of tucking the idea away for another day, doing it right now. I've found my well-worn rut of everyday habits, though easy and pleasant, are not the things I really want to do. Recently I've started an ongoing list of things I really need to do and things I really want to do, all combined. (Yes, this is planned spontaneity.) I don't prioritize the items on the list. When I come home from work or have the day off, I let myself pick anything from the list. Most take little time, and I can do several in one day. If I choose all want-to's and no need-to's, I don't berate myself for that. The line is hard to draw anyway. Anything on my list is far more beneficial and even productive than vegging out on whatever suggested YouTube videos pop up or reading whatever blog articles other people have written today. I'm starting to live according to my own agenda and not someone else's. And for the record, doing a want-to usually invigorates me and makes me ready to tackle a need-to. When it comes down to it, spontaneity is listening to your thoughts when you're being honest about what's important to you.