Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Heart Thursdays #2 {Outcast}

A Scarf Print Skirt...


3-D Embroidery...


A Pleated Coatdress...


A Conversation with Christian Guys About Makeup...

Modesty Test: Ask the Dudes (Makeup and Beauty Edition) - It's three guys' opinions on a few different hair and make-up trends. They didn't condemn anything as immodest, and even liked some looks. I don't dress for a guy in particular or guys in general, but I still like to know what they think because they often view things differently than we girls do. It's kind of surprising what they value and find attractive in a good way.

A Book Series...

The Shenandoah Sisters by Michael Phillips is a great "Christian" series about two southern teenage girls- one white, one biracial- at the close of the Civil War. They endure hurts, face dangers, and grow into strong young ladies of character. I like protagonists who are human enough to relate to, and yet whom I can look up to and can watch making the right choices. As far as Christian historical fiction goes, I think this series is a gem.


A Flip-Flop Tutorial...

Look at these cute, not to mention unique, flip-flops! The straps are friendship bracelets (For those of you who don't know how, there are instructions for a variety of styles and patterns online, or you can find tons of shops selling them on Etsy, including my sister's: Milk and Honey by Andrea) I can't wait to do this!


A Kerrie Roberts Song...

I will be singing this all day.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Heart Thursday #1

Chain Mail Jewelry...

I have really come to like metal and geometry.

A Black and White Twisty Top...

Delicate but not fussy. I wonder how hard this is to replicate.

A Spring Dress...

Sleeves, neckline, midi length- it's got everything. What other fabrics would this look good in and still be modern?


An Article...

Best Kept Beauty Secrets from the Mod Style Lounge- How to have a beautiful complexion, beautiful hands, beautiful arms... it's not what you think.

A Song...

Lecrae writes some amazing songs. He references or quotes Scripture a lot and combines the simple truth of the gospel with music that is so emotional it gives me shivers. This song is a reminder of how helpless we are without God.

Could someone please tell me how to make a heart shape in the post title?

Cherry and Lavender

 One hand on hip...

The other hand on hip...

Both hands on hips...

Pink, purple, and blue- the colors that are never supposed to mix! What do you think? (Not that I'll listen; I love this color clash! It's so joyful-looking!) I have a necklace with pink/red and lavender beads that could tie it all together, but sometimes I just like pure, solid color.

This outfit would look just as good with a long denim skirt as with jeans. I can't wait to sew myself one!

Red peasant tee and lavender lace cardigan: LOFT Outlet
Bootcut jeans: DKNY via consignment shop
Brown knotted flats: Target

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Under and Over

Chambray look shirt and blush pink lace tee: LOFT Outlet
Bootcut jeans: DKNY via consignment shop
Pearl and gold filigree necklace and bracelet: vintage via Etsy
Brown patent leather flats: Famous Footwear
Ornate Brass Earrings: Nature's First Green (Etsy) Similar

Disclaimer: Nature's First Green is my sister's Etsy shop, but I'm not afraid of blatantly advertising for her because she makes some really cute vintage and nature inspired jewelry and candles too. She's new to Etsy; go give her shop some love! Plus you can see what my earrings look like close up!

Last time I wore this lace tee I put it over a crisp white shirt in my Anne of Green Gables look. This time I made the tee the underlayer and wore a lightweight flowy shirt over it. Which do you like more? At first I didn't think I'd like the 3/4 length sleeves extending past the elbow length sleeves, but it doesn't bother me. The tee is fairly close to my skin tone, so it doesn't break up the length of my arm too much. Reversing the order of your layers is a fun way to get more outfits out of your wardrobe!

pleated poppy

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Black and White

This was my outfit for running errands yesterday. (I got two new pairs of shoes so that you all won't have to see the same ones all the time!). Bear in mind, I'm still perfecting the art of the self-portrait.

White button-up shirt and purple and pink geometric necklace: LOFT Outlet
Black tee: Marshall's
Black bootcut jeans: Zena via cosignment shop
Black heels: Steinmart

I like the top half of this outfit, but I hate seeing head to toe black, especially on myself. I know it's slimming and all, but it's too austere for my tastes and it does not photograph well at all! What would you do for the bottom half?

On another note, I really do love these jeans. They come all the way up to the natural waist, which most likely means they're over 10 years old. But I can sit on the floor or bend over without having to hold the back waist in place, as I have to do with mid-rise jeans. I used to think that high-waisted jeans were really unflattering, but they're not any worse than any other rise, because I don't tuck my tops into jeans anyway. Back in December I got this pair and a pair of DKNY jeans (also high-waisted) for $8 altogether! And I found them within 5 minutes of entering the store! Since we had to get our clothes from thrift stores when I was a child, I formed the opinion that thrifted clothes were ugly, worn out, and hopelessly out of style (That was before I learned to sew of course). When I started having money to spend on myself I wouldn't even consider stepping foot in a thrift store, but that experience with the jeans has just about converted me.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Susan, Queen in Narnia // Inspired by Film Day 6 Fantasy and Day 7 Favorite Movie

Photos: Pinterest
Ever since I first read the Chronicles of Narnia series when I was in elementary school, I've wanted to be a queen in Narnia. Disney's 2005 The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe is my favorite fantasy film and my favorite movie all-around (of course those of you who read my Day 1 post know that I don't have many to pick from. Bit of trivia: This is one of only two films that I've seen in theaters!).

Photo: Kayley N.

Photo: Kayley N.
 I was inspired by Susan Pevensie's battle attire and armor in Prince Caspian and the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. The brown shades, the V-neck, and leather-look belt and necklace were all pulled from her outfits. I don't know if the overall look is that reminiscent of Susan, but it looks fantastical, maybe fairy-like, in its own way.

Photo: Kayley N.
Brown V-neck jersey knit tunic: Made by me
Tiered brown skirt: Target
Taupe faux skin belt: Thrifted
Necklaces: Gifts (WalMart and Kohl's, I think)
White T-strap sandals with gold accents: Off Broadway Shoes

Much thanks to Ashley at Bramblewood Fashion for hosting this fashion link-up. I had a lot of fun. It helped me to find four or five new outfit combinations that I've never tried before, which is saying something, since I don't have that many clothes, and I already consider myself pretty good at mixing and matching. Actively seeking out inspiration can do amazing things for your creativity!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Inspired by Film (and TV) // Day 4 1960s


Although I've never seen the 1960s-early70s show That Girl, I've seen pictures of Marlo Thomas' character Ann Marie and her impeccable style. She seems to like clothes with clean lines, turtlenecks, straight skirts that hit above the knee (sometimes far above the knee), and the military jacket of course. My favorite aspect of her style is her hair (Is that a wig?), but I didn't attempt that!

Photo: Kayley N.

Photo: Kayley N.

Photo: Kayley N.

Photo: Kayley N.
Navy military style sweater jacket: LOFT Outlet
Pink sweater: Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Denim skirt: Target
Black triple buckle flats: Payless

The jacket was a no-brainer, with its double-breasted brass buttons. I chose this pink sweater underneath because of both the bold color and the round jewel neckline that covered the collarbones (seemed 60s). The skirt was a toughie; Anne Marie probably would have had a matching skirt, but as I don't, I went with the denim skirt for its straight cut and neutral color in the same color family as the jacket. Ann Marie is a minimalist when it comes to jewelry, and I felt the same way when I looked this outfit over; couldn't think of anything that would add to, not detract from, the look. As far as accessories are concerned, sunglassess would have worked! (Why did I not think of that earlier?)

I know I'm posting these so late and out of chronological order, but I also recreated the fifties look (Lucille Ball's polka dots!) and the fantasy look (Susan Pevensie's battle outfit... very modified!) so be looking for those soon! (The button in the sidebar that says "TV/Movie Inspired Fashion Event"- that will take you to Bramblewood Fashion, the host site for this fun event if you want to join in. Today is officially the last day, but whatever- I'm still doing it, and the linky should be open for a few more days!)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Inspired by Film (Kinda) // Day 2 1940s

Photo: Emily N.
I wore this for all of 30 minutes yesterday (30 minutes spent figuring out how to use a backyard planter as a tripod and walking back and forth from camera to garage wall to take selfies). The remainder of the day's events included painting a bulletin board and then watching 3 children for 7 hours, activities which call for something other than pearls, a flared jacket, and a nice (borrowed) black skirt. I can't wait to wear this sometime when I can feel fabulous.
Photo: Emily N.
I do wish I could pull off a sophisticated expression.
Photo: Emily N.
Black and camel houndstooth flared jacket: Made by me
Black trumpet skirt: JC Penney (belongs to my sister)
Tiered burgandy tee: LOFT Outlet
Faux pearl necklace: Etsy (vintage)
Faux pearl and diamond earrings: Claire's

The dark, almost drab colors and all-business look of this outfit remind me of the WWII era. I intended to do a Google images hunt and find a film to pretend this outfit was inspired by, but I was so late getting this up, I didn't really want to take more time doing that. (I'm one of those home school grads who at the age of 22 can still count the real films she's seen on her fingers and toes. Now accecpting movie recommendations!- but only if they're reeeaaalllly clean and can keep me riveted to the screen for the entire duration of the film).

Linking up to Bramblewood Fashion, where you can see what this is all about!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Anne of Green Gables// TV/Movie Inspired Fashion Event Day 1 (1900s-1920s)

Photos c/o
There's New York Fashion Week, then there's London Fashion Week, and then there's Milan, and Paris, and then there's the TV/Movie Inspired Fashion Blog event *this week* at Bramblewood Fashion. If you're not already familiar, I'll let the hostess, Ashley, explain:

"For each day of the week there will be a set theme for your outfits, you will then take pictures of your outfit and post them on your blog. Once your post is live you will then link-up your post to the link-y on my blog each day. It is alright if you have never seen any of shows/movies I suggest for your outfit inspiration, as some of my suggestions for outfit ideas will be from shows I've never seen myself -- I just like to get outfit inspiration from them."

Sunday's theme was 1900s-1920s, and I went with Anne of Green Gables. I've never seen the movies, but I have read the books. I love Anne's  spunky character- and the smart-looking clothing styles the young people wore then.

Photo c/o Kayley N.

Photo c/o Kayley N.

Photo c/o Kayley N.

Photo c/o Kayley N.

Photo c/o Kayley N.
Photo c/o Kayley N.

Photo c/o Kayley N.
White button-up shirt, pink lace tee, brown pinstripe trousers: LOFT Outlet
Gold butterfly necklace: Made by me
Faux pearl and diamond earrings: Claire's
Heels: Steinmart

I hope I'm not the only girl who has ever resorted to wearing pants to interpret an Anne of Green Gables look.This outfit gave me a lot of trouble at first. I have a severe lack of cameos, peter pan collars, hats, and long skirts in my closet! Quite unlike most fashionable young ladies of about 1913... and 2013. But I'm going to try to get through this fashion event without buying anything new or making anything unless I already have all the supplies. So, besides all the aforementioned things, I noticed a lot of browns, pinks, and whites in the movie wardrobes, as well as lace, pin stripes, plaid, and high buttoned collars. I like to wear tees over this white shirt, but I've never tried buttoning the top button. I think it works in this case, especially with the butterfly pinned near the throat. Usually I wear the butterfly as a pendant, and I just let the slack in the chains drape a little. Altogether I'm happy with the outfit. Even though it's very loosely inspired by Anne of Green Gables, it's a new way of wearing my clothes that I wouldn't have thought of otherwise, and that's being true to the spirit of this event! 

Monday's theme is 1940s- almost as difficult for me as this one, but I found a brown houndstooth blazer in my closet that just might work! I hope all of you join in!

Saturday, March 2, 2013


Today's post is just a few little things that have built me up recently. I don't know about you, but I usually know what I should be doing. I just need a reminder at the right time.

Some articles written by other blogging ladies that touched me:

Pretty and Practical- Olivia Howard from Fresh Modesty with a short and sweet guest post at Happily Domestic about why she dresses modestly. She puts a new spin on it, and she shows several modest, pretty and practical outfits too.

Blue and Gold/A Romance- Kellie Falconer from Accordion to Kellie, about what led her to cut her very long hair. Really introspective and challenging.

This free wallpaper from Doxology Rock:

It's the truth, isn't it? This one's going up on my desktop!

I want to remind you there is still time to get your special savings on some great tees at Doxology Rock. They're already reasonably priced at $19.00, but Fashioned and Designed readers (that's you!) get an extra 20% off. Just use the discount code FASHIONEDROCKS (Oh, yeah!).

And Stellar Kart. I think this song ought to be an anthem for every Christian's life, young or old, guy or girl.

Tomorrow I'll start posting outfits again! And since I'm participating in Ashley's weeklong TV/Movie Inspired Fashion Event, maybe I'll even post every day for seven days straight (I only have three outfits picked out right now, eek!)