Saturday, January 19, 2013

From My Own Closet: Boho

 Vest: Topshop via Plato's Closet
Tunic: Made by me
Jeans: Loft Outlet
Boots: Don't even remember, DSW maybe

I adore this faux fur vest. I've been wearing it almost every day this week since winters are so short here and I want to get as much use out of it as I can! Probably how people in northern climates feel about their summer clothes? You will most likely be seeing more of it soon in any case.

Note to self: Get some close-ups next time and not just full-outfit ones. My gracious photographer (my little sis "K") is really quite talented, but it was a rather spontaneous and hurried photo shoot and she was getting cold. :) If she doesn't start a blog herself, I should post some of her adorable squirrel photos sometime.

Had a good weekend so far? I've mostly been cleaning the house. And along the way I learned way more about the inner workings of our vacuum cleaner than you all would care to hear right now. Fixing broken appliances, yard work, etc. has always been my dad's job at our house, but lately I've been purposely learning how to do different things in case I'm out on my own at some point or if I marry someone who expects me to do some of these things! (For some reason I get excited about this sort of thing. I've actually got a list. =) What are some of the things you all think every woman should know how to do herself?


  1. Today I wore a brown tunic as well except with a blue knee long skirt underneath and a matching blue belt....It actually looked kinda cute. ☺


    1. We're twins :) I've worn this one with a knee length denim skirt before, but I wasn't sure it worked what with the asymmetrical cut and the length at the sides. Maybe I should give it a second chance.

      I always like your outfit pics by the way. You're always cute. :)

  2. It looks so cozy, the faux :-) it wouldn't do. E my good in Fl though, cold to us is 50s.


    1. This is TX, so 50s is cold to us too. I still don't think a faux fur vest is out of place, as long as the weather is cool enough for a sweater or jacket. You can even wear it with a sleeveless top if you want. Look up fur vest on Pinterest and you'll see.

  3. Love the faux fur vest! You look great! :)

  4. Yep, Montana gal here...Summer goes by way too fast! Plus, right now 40 deg feels like we should pull out our short sleeves! Actually, I don't put away my Summer clothes! weather is super crazy where I live, so you really could wear Summer clothes and Winter clothes in the same day! I even stood in the snow in Aug. to watch a concert!
    Cute outfit, loving fur vests this season!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

  5. I'm jealous of your fur vest - here in Wisconsin I would wear it all the time! And yes...that is how we feel about summer clothes ;)

  6. Im loving fur so much right now. Cute vest! That's awesome you found it at platos. Love the boots too.

  7. Ack, that fur vest is so cute. I have seen so many lately, so they're definitely making a comeback! Happy Sunday!

    Silver from A Silver Snapshot

  8. Awesome vest, I love Plato's Closet! That is so funny that you got to fix a vaccumm this weekend, because I did too... or rather I think I broke mine. :( Love your blog, stopping by from the blog hop!

  9. Happy Sunday! I wore a faux fur vest earlier this week. They are definitely comfy and warm.

    More Modern Modesty

  10. Very cool! I wore "fur" for the first time yesterday. It is only a scarf with some rabbit fur on it, but I felt boho anyway. :-)

    Thanks for you comment on my blog! I use my Mom's machine most of the time. She has a Husquavarna Viking Interlude 445. The key to button holes though is just practice. Get to know how your machine does them and practice with your ugliest thread on scrap fabric. :-)

  11. Love that vest! It looks so warm and cozy. ;)
    And every girl should know how to change a tire! Hopefully you'll never have to, but knowing how is pretty important. :)