Saturday, March 2, 2013


Today's post is just a few little things that have built me up recently. I don't know about you, but I usually know what I should be doing. I just need a reminder at the right time.

Some articles written by other blogging ladies that touched me:

Pretty and Practical- Olivia Howard from Fresh Modesty with a short and sweet guest post at Happily Domestic about why she dresses modestly. She puts a new spin on it, and she shows several modest, pretty and practical outfits too.

Blue and Gold/A Romance- Kellie Falconer from Accordion to Kellie, about what led her to cut her very long hair. Really introspective and challenging.

This free wallpaper from Doxology Rock:

It's the truth, isn't it? This one's going up on my desktop!

I want to remind you there is still time to get your special savings on some great tees at Doxology Rock. They're already reasonably priced at $19.00, but Fashioned and Designed readers (that's you!) get an extra 20% off. Just use the discount code FASHIONEDROCKS (Oh, yeah!).

And Stellar Kart. I think this song ought to be an anthem for every Christian's life, young or old, guy or girl.

Tomorrow I'll start posting outfits again! And since I'm participating in Ashley's weeklong TV/Movie Inspired Fashion Event, maybe I'll even post every day for seven days straight (I only have three outfits picked out right now, eek!)

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