Saturday, March 9, 2013

Inspired by Film (and TV) // Day 4 1960s


Although I've never seen the 1960s-early70s show That Girl, I've seen pictures of Marlo Thomas' character Ann Marie and her impeccable style. She seems to like clothes with clean lines, turtlenecks, straight skirts that hit above the knee (sometimes far above the knee), and the military jacket of course. My favorite aspect of her style is her hair (Is that a wig?), but I didn't attempt that!

Photo: Kayley N.

Photo: Kayley N.

Photo: Kayley N.

Photo: Kayley N.
Navy military style sweater jacket: LOFT Outlet
Pink sweater: Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Denim skirt: Target
Black triple buckle flats: Payless

The jacket was a no-brainer, with its double-breasted brass buttons. I chose this pink sweater underneath because of both the bold color and the round jewel neckline that covered the collarbones (seemed 60s). The skirt was a toughie; Anne Marie probably would have had a matching skirt, but as I don't, I went with the denim skirt for its straight cut and neutral color in the same color family as the jacket. Ann Marie is a minimalist when it comes to jewelry, and I felt the same way when I looked this outfit over; couldn't think of anything that would add to, not detract from, the look. As far as accessories are concerned, sunglassess would have worked! (Why did I not think of that earlier?)

I know I'm posting these so late and out of chronological order, but I also recreated the fifties look (Lucille Ball's polka dots!) and the fantasy look (Susan Pevensie's battle outfit... very modified!) so be looking for those soon! (The button in the sidebar that says "TV/Movie Inspired Fashion Event"- that will take you to Bramblewood Fashion, the host site for this fun event if you want to join in. Today is officially the last day, but whatever- I'm still doing it, and the linky should be open for a few more days!)


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