Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Heart Thursdays #2 {Outcast}

A Scarf Print Skirt...


3-D Embroidery...


A Pleated Coatdress...


A Conversation with Christian Guys About Makeup...

Modesty Test: Ask the Dudes (Makeup and Beauty Edition) - It's three guys' opinions on a few different hair and make-up trends. They didn't condemn anything as immodest, and even liked some looks. I don't dress for a guy in particular or guys in general, but I still like to know what they think because they often view things differently than we girls do. It's kind of surprising what they value and find attractive in a good way.

A Book Series...

The Shenandoah Sisters by Michael Phillips is a great "Christian" series about two southern teenage girls- one white, one biracial- at the close of the Civil War. They endure hurts, face dangers, and grow into strong young ladies of character. I like protagonists who are human enough to relate to, and yet whom I can look up to and can watch making the right choices. As far as Christian historical fiction goes, I think this series is a gem.


A Flip-Flop Tutorial...

Look at these cute, not to mention unique, flip-flops! The straps are friendship bracelets (For those of you who don't know how, there are instructions for a variety of styles and patterns online, or you can find tons of shops selling them on Etsy, including my sister's: Milk and Honey by Andrea) I can't wait to do this!


A Kerrie Roberts Song...

I will be singing this all day.

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  1. I love the dress with embroidery.It's so beautiful, and romantic.I would wear it anytime.
    The flip-flops too look so amazing.
    And should I say how much I love this series you have ongoing?It's so good to see different looks, and how they'd be worn, and how you'd wear...Could I copy the idea?

    Liz at