Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Black and White

This was my outfit for running errands yesterday. (I got two new pairs of shoes so that you all won't have to see the same ones all the time!). Bear in mind, I'm still perfecting the art of the self-portrait.

White button-up shirt and purple and pink geometric necklace: LOFT Outlet
Black tee: Marshall's
Black bootcut jeans: Zena via cosignment shop
Black heels: Steinmart

I like the top half of this outfit, but I hate seeing head to toe black, especially on myself. I know it's slimming and all, but it's too austere for my tastes and it does not photograph well at all! What would you do for the bottom half?

On another note, I really do love these jeans. They come all the way up to the natural waist, which most likely means they're over 10 years old. But I can sit on the floor or bend over without having to hold the back waist in place, as I have to do with mid-rise jeans. I used to think that high-waisted jeans were really unflattering, but they're not any worse than any other rise, because I don't tuck my tops into jeans anyway. Back in December I got this pair and a pair of DKNY jeans (also high-waisted) for $8 altogether! And I found them within 5 minutes of entering the store! Since we had to get our clothes from thrift stores when I was a child, I formed the opinion that thrifted clothes were ugly, worn out, and hopelessly out of style (That was before I learned to sew of course). When I started having money to spend on myself I wouldn't even consider stepping foot in a thrift store, but that experience with the jeans has just about converted me.

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