Saturday, April 13, 2013

30 for 30 Remix Challenge at Bramblewood Fashion : My 30 Items

I'm really excited about the 30x30 Challenge, which is starting tomorrow! For those of you who have never heard of a 30x30, it's when you take 30 items of clothing and shoes and use only those 30 to mix and match your outfits for 30 days. Mathematically, that's far more than enough clothes to make only 30 outfits, but it's a little more difficult than that in real life. Notice I didn't mention jewelry and accessories. That's because those don't count in the 30; you can add on as many accessories as your heart desires!

A few noteworthy items about my set of 30:

1 : I purposely included several items I rarely wear and don't particularly like (the white ruffle blouse, the green tunic, the brown skirt, and the tribal print skirt) so that hopefully I'll be forced to find some good ways to wear them.

2 : I already mix and match my clothes quite a lot, although I don't have a relatively large wardrobe, and I'm always trying to find new ways to wear my favorite clothes, so I'm setting a goal that makes sense for me: 20 of my 30 outfits should be a combination I have never worn before.

3 : My black heels are not here!!!

4 : I'm not going to do any clothes (or shoes or accessories) shopping during the 30x30. That's an optional rule for anyone taking the 30x30 challenge.

Sooooo, here's what we've got:

Tops left to right:

1 : White ruffle blouse- Kohl's
2 : White tee- Marshall's
3 : Blush pink lace tee- LOFT Outlet
4 : Red peasant tee- LOFT Outlet
5 : Burgandy tiered tee- LOFT Outlet
6 : Floral peasant tee- LOFT Outlet
7 : Orange crochet top- LOFT Outlet
8 : Green pinstripe shirt- Wal-Mart
9 : Green asymmetrical tunic- Made by me
10 : Chambray shirt- LOFT Outlet
11 : Gray beaded tee- LOFT Outlet
12 : Black peplum shirt- Kohl's

Bottoms left to right:

13 : Polished denim bermuda shorts- LOFT Outlet
14 : Blue pencil skirt- Made by me
15 : Tribal print skirt- JC Penney
16 : Floral skirt- Kohl's
17 : Zebra print skirt- Made by me
18 : Knit denim skirt- Made by me
19 : Tiered brown skirt- Target
20 : Boyfriend jeans- LOFT Outlet
21 : Gray trousers- Kohl's

Jackets, cardigans, dresses left to right:

22 : Denim vest- ?
23 : White denim jacket- LOFT Outlet
24 : Lavender crochet cardigan- LOFT Outlet
25 : Light blue cardigan- LOFT Outlet
26 : Polka dot dress- LOFT Outlet
27 : Maxi dress- Made by me


28 : Yellow flats- LOFT Outlet
29 : Wedge sandals- Famous Footwear
30 : Brown flats- Target

If you want to take the challenge for yourself, go Ashley and Gabrielle's blog Bramblewood Fashion for all the details and to link up your 30x30 posts!


  1. Super oober cute! Can't wait to see what you come up with! I love 30x30 challenges! Can't wait to "meet" you, and see what your style is


  2. Love all of your items Emily! :-) Especially the shoes. :-)