Sunday, April 14, 2013

30x30 Challenge : Day One

Hello ladies! It's day one of the 30x30 Fashion Challenge, and I'm kicking things off with one of the items I told you I don't like: this skirt (Give me some color!). I combined it with one of my favorite things: this fiery orange top. And I love the resulting outfit! This is also Outfit #1 I Have Never Worn Before. (I've set a goal for myself of 20 new outfits coming out of this challenge. Hopefully I'll get more than that though!)

I bought the skirt four or five years ago, when I was still a teenager and figuring out how to dress. It came with a blazer, which I needed for an event with a "professional" dress code. I didn't love it, but I liked it well enough. Afterwards, I wondered how to style it, so I looked the outfit up on the store's website, and one of the reviews called it "matronly." I was still in that stage when I wanted so desperately to fit in. I was mortified that I had worn something "matronly," and promptly moved it to the far back of my closet. I donated the jacket a while ago, but for some reason, I hung on to the skirt. Deep down, I just knew it had potential. (So, my personal style tip of the day: If you want to be true to yourself, don't read product reviews after you've already bought something!)

I wore it just like this for church this morning, but I'm going to throw on the white denim jacket when I go to work in about an hour. Does that make it one outfit or two?

What I'm Wearing:
4) Red peasant tee- LOFT Outlet (under the crochet top)
7) Orange crochet top- LOFT Outlet
15) Tribal print skirt- JC Penney
23) White denim jacket- LOFT Outlet
29) Wedge sandals- Famous Footwear
Wooden bead necklace from India and Forever 21 belt (not included in the 30)

I can't wait to meet more bloggers through this challenge, and see your creative outfits! For those of you who didn't come to my blog via the link-up, I hope you'll join in! The button below will take you to the host, Ashley's, site Bramblewood Fashion.


  1. Super cute! I can see how styling the skirt certain ways might be seen as somewhat "matronly," but you styled it in a very fresh, stylish way! I lov the pop of color you added with the red top!

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  2. That skirt is so fun (and I love the story behind it.) I love how the skirt looks with the bright, fun top, and the white jacket pulls it all together. The wedges are super cute too! Good job!


  3. That is a great outfit! I think a simple black and white skirt can be topped with many solid is my favorite...but yellow or pink or a dark turquoise.

    If my blog only were fashion I would join the challenge. ☺


  4. I think the skirt is nice! You could wear it with so many different colors. :-) Love the wedges!! Fun!

  5. I love this outfit! I think an outfit with some bright color is always fun! ~Elina