Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Chambray Shirt : Part II

Chambray shirts are easy to find, and a lot of them are modest. There are of course some that have a lace or open back or that are cropped above the waist, but for the most part they can button as high as you desire and have either a classic or a boyfriend cut- helpful for avoiding that annoying gaping between the buttons.

Here are a few of the many shopping choices I've found. There are more in the ShopStyle widget in my sidebar.

 The fine dot print on this C&C California shirt is casual but classy. I like shirts with roll-tab sleeves so that you can vary the length. You know it will look good tied, which opens up more style possibilities and it's a sign that it's a lightweight fabric that will be comfortable all summer. I don't see why you couldn't tuck this into a skirt either if you wanted to.
 This Brooks Brothers camp shirt has high pockets. I'm a bit busty, so I like it when embellishments aren't on the widest part of my chest- for modesty and just a flattering look.

From the Etsy shop Tamar Landau, this is an example of an office-appropriate denim shirt. I like the Mandarin collar; those can be easier to style with a blazer or collared jacket.

I picked mostly simple, classic shirts because they can be dressed up- well, as dressed up as any denim can be- but depending on the accessories you wear with them, you can still get the ultra-casual, 70's, bohemian look that a lot of the Forever 21-esque embellished chambray shirts have. Friday I will show you some accessories I made to transform my more polished shirt to a more modest version of this youthful style and back.

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