Saturday, April 27, 2013

30x30 Remix Challenge : Day 14

What I'm Wearing:
5) Burgandy tiered tee- LOFT Outlet
12) Black peplum shirt- Kohl's
14) Blue pencil skirt- Made by me
29) Wedge sandals- Famous Footwear
LOFT Outlet pendant

I took these pictures today before work and before the rain started pouring down. Does anyone else love storms as much as I do? I can't stand drizzly days, but when the rain is pounding the roof, with sharp cracks of thunder and sizzling lightning... it's blissful.

I came so close to cheating today. None of the shoes I picked for the challenge did anything for this outfit. I tried all of them on at least once, and finally went with these. When all else fails, I like at least to look taller!


  1. Like the outfit and especially the black shirt! It's cute! ☺

    And I do love rain....when I am at home but its not fun to walk the dog in the rain.