Sunday, April 28, 2013

30x30 Remix Challenge : Day 5 & Day 6

Here's a flashback to what I wore Thursday and Friday of last week.

Day 5:

What I'm Wearing:
8) Green pinstripe shirt- Walmart
20) Boyfriend jeans- LOFT Outlet
25) Light blue cardigan- LOFT Outlet
28) Yellow ballet flats- LOFT Outlet
Vintage pearl necklace and butterfly necklace made by me (You can see them better below)

Day 6:

What I'm Wearing
2) White tee- Marshall's
20) Boyfriend jeans- LOFT Outlet
25) Light blue cardigan- LOFT Outlet
28) Yellow ballet flats- LOFT Outlet
Vintage pearl necklace, LOFT Outlet bracelet and butterfly necklace made by me

Yep, the outfits are nearly identical. But Thursday a front blew through with some cooler than expected weather. I spent most of the day at home in my warm pajamas and then my workout/housecleaning clothes, and I only had to go to work in the evening to process a shipment, so it didn't matter too much what I wore. Since I wore them for less than half a day, it only seemed right to wear them again the following day.


  1. I like the second outfit best! And your jewelery is sooooooooo cute!!!

    Iris♥ @ The BlueBirdhouse
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  2. I love the pearl necklace and the color palette of the outfit! :)