Sunday, April 21, 2013

30x30 Remix Challenge : Day 8

I hope you ladies had a wonderful, refreshing Sunday. I caught a few pictures of my outfit as the sun was going down. After church and lunch with my family, I had to go to work, so again, I wore something that could  carry me through the entire day. My church has a very casual atmosphere. I felt more dressed up than 95 % of the people in my congregation today.

I'm taking a class at church right now on how to assess how and where you should be serving God's people. We call it "SHAPE," which stands for "Spiritual Gifts - Heart - Abilities - Personality - Experiences." All of those things together are the resources God has given each of us to do the work He has planned for us. If you have the opportunity to take such a class, I suggest it!

Today, while we were discussing the different personality types (Choleric, Melancholy, Sanguine, Phlegmatic) the teacher mentioned that Christ displayed all of those personality types at one point or another. He didn't fit into the personality types as we think of them because He was perfect and did exactly what was necessary and appropriate at any given time. Then another person in the class said that we are told to become like Christ, and as our minds and hearts are transformed, we might display more and more of the positive elements of the different personalities- just like Christ- or less and less of the negative qualities of our natural personality. I thought that was a great insight. I can't wait for the day when Christ's work in me and all of us is finally completed and we can be exactly like He originally created us to be!

What I'm Wearing:
1) White ruffle blouse- Kohl's
17) Zebra print skirt- Made by me
28) Yellow flats- LOFT Outlet
Kohl's belt (accessories not included in the 30)

Haven't worn this one before either- that's 5 I think.


  1. My church is super casual too! Love your outfit! :-)

  2. You did a super job on that skirt! And your whole outfit is super cute!
    My church is mostly casual too, but I like dressing up! I don't however show up to church in a prom dress...that would be a bit too dressy! ;)
    My family and one other family are the only ones that wear dresses/skirts. It's been my experience that I get more respect (most of the time) in a skirt or dress than in pants.
    Interesting-since I don't really know why...
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