Tuesday, April 30, 2013

30x30 Remix Challenge : Day 16

What I'm Wearing:
3) Blush pink lace tee- LOFT Outlet
18) Knit denim skirt- Made by me
24) Lavender crochet cardigan- LOFT Outlet
30) Brown flats- Target
Vintage pearl necklace, LOFT Outlet bracelet, and a gifted umbrella

Yesterday we had a  fun photo shoot in the rain. It was a great excuse for using umbrellas as props, trying out the wet hair look, and jumping in puddles (which I'm really far too old for. None of those photos will ever make it onto this blog!). My sister-photographer gained some experience with low-light photos and some of the different settings on the camera too. (Except for a day or two, she's taken all my pictures for these 16 days. She managed to take these while cradling an umbrella in one arm to shield her camera; she's a trooper and an awesome sis!)

What do you think of wearing two lacy things together? I started with the cardigan, which has a lacy, open crochet pattern that looks like leaves, and then I pulled some other items in soft, pastel colors to accompany it. Only there wasn't much selection in my 30 items, so this is what I ended up with! I don't love it, but it works OK.

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  1. Hi Emily! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment on my blog, I thought that I'd stop by and leave you one too! :D By the way, I just love the colors you wore in this outfit, and your umbrella is so cute! It's so neat to meet other modest fashion bloggers. Have a blessed day! ~ Bree from CoverUpForChrist.com