Tuesday, April 30, 2013

30x30 Remix Challenge : Day 17

What I'm Wearing:
11) Gray beaded tee- LOFT Outlet
21) Gray trousers- Kohl's
25) Light blue cardigan- LOFT Outlet
30) Brown flats- Target
LOFT Outlet necklace and sailor knot bracelet made by me

The Texas sun is back- and shining so brightly I wasn't able to look at the camera! Not to mention that it was getting kind of warm in that cardigan. Just so you know, cardigans and other outer layers are still necessary wardrobe items year-round here in Texas; we need to bundle up for the frigid air conditioned indoors!

On Tuesdays, my sister Andrea and I have similar work schedules, and our workplaces are not too far apart, so we drive together and have some fun sister time. After I picked up Andrea from work we took some photos on our church's beautiful plaza. I just love those pink flowers in the first photo!


  1. Over half way now!!!!

    This outfit is soooo cute and classy! Love everything about it. ☺


  2. Lovely photos! Your outfit is so gorgeous!