Tuesday, April 16, 2013

30x30 Challenge : Day 3

This outfit carried me from work, to working at home, to shopping.

I like this color family: navy, robin's egg blue, seafoam...

And yellow! I like this pair of flats because they feel like slippers, especially after wearing heels for a few hours. These are the first elasticated flats I've ever had. I've got narrow heels, and thanks to the elastic, these shoes conform to the shape of my foot and never feel as though they're slipping off.

They also revealed to me how much I love material things. On the second day that I wore them, I was carrying something and kicked a heavy door open with the side of my foot as it started to close on me. Only the door went right over my foot. I nearly cried. It hurt, but what grieved me more was the deep scratch it made on my shoe. I had far more important things to think about than my shoes, but I nearly let the scratch ruin my evening. Then I got upset because I couldn't make myself stop caring about something as simple as a scratched, inexpensive shoe.

I was going to go somewhere with that, but it's getting late now, and I can't think any more. If you've ever felt the same way, I'm sure you can derive your own spiritual lesson from that.

The shoes, by the way, are still wearable, comfortable, loveable- and look like new if you take blog photos from the right angle.

What I'm Wearing:
25) Light blue cardigan- LOFT Outlet
26) Polka dot dress- LOFT Outlet
28) Yellow flats- LOFT Outlet
 LOFT Outlet cami, LOFT Outlet woven necklace, and sailor knot bracelet made by me.
Outfit #3 Never Worn Before

Sometimes I don't realize how many LOFT things I'm wearing till I make a blog post about it! Maybe I should rename this blog "How to Wear LOFT Clothes" and see if I get more views?

I'm starting to say really strange things now... I need some sleep. As some of you know from the comments I left, I enjoyed seeing all of your outfits today! Can't wait to link up with you all again tomorrow!


  1. Beautiful outfit! Love the polkadot jumper! :)


  2. Eh, don't cater to people's whims you'll just burn out on the whole blog thing. Keep doing what you love and be excited about it! That is what it's all about. :-)

    I love your dress! Polka dots are awesome.

  3. I know what you mean about the whole shoe thing... Hate when that happens!! :P
    Fabulous outfit! *Love* those colors <3 (your shoes are darling, btw)


  4. I love this outfit immensely!! That color blue is lovely with the polka dots.

    -Ariel Skye